Shree Narayani Dham Temple

Shree Narayani Dham Temple is one of the best place to viit in lonavala. Being just next to Mumbai-Pune Expressway, you can easily get a glimpse on this place while travelling. On one of our drives to Pune, we planned a visit to the Dham. We took the first Lonavala exit on the Expressway and that made us to take a tour of whole Lonavala city to reach the place.

Dedicated to goddess Narayani, the temple is a beautiful white marble structure. The entrance is a 4 storeyed structure, there are fountains lined up on the pathway from entrance to temple. I had seen few of the pics on net, with beautiful view of the temple from the entrance, but when we visited the pathway was covered with roof and that hide the complete view of the temple, not sure if that arrangement was permanent.

The main deity of the temple is Ma Narayani and on the either side of the main shrine are shrines dedicated to Ganapathi, Hanuman and other Hindu deities.